Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A poem by Anna Saunders

After Dinner

Someone switches on the light
and we float like life buoys
in the black lake of the glass.

How ebullient we are
with sugar rush,

bone plucked by indolence
jelly fish blooms
quivering on the floor.

You are slick as a host
your liniment smooth hand
flush with mine.
Your voice planed to a polish.

Stories ascend from your lips
of Tina, who came home to a husband
crotch bulging in Victoria's Secret

and Mary
waiting to have her sister
removed from her womb.

30 years old with her sister
hidden inside her
like a layer of a Russian Doll.

Inert and stunted,
only 8 inches long.

Replete with hair and teeth
Adult Teeth.

Another guest snorts,
Hairy Mary he says,
Bucks his teeth out,
makes like a rabbit.

We are still laughing
as Mary enters the room.
Imagine if that were your sister,
she says.

I look away.
In the black glass
my reflection bobs
like a bloated corpse.

Anna Saunders is a poet and the author of Communion, (Wild Conversations Press) and the forthcoming Struck (Pindrop Press). Struck has been described as ' a very fine, beautifully sustained collection by a gifted poet whose work is unfolding in remarkable directions' by Nick Drake. Anna is also the founder and Executive Director of Cheltenham Poetry Festival, which was described as ' a triumph' by poet Alison Brackenbury when it was launched in 2010  Anna also runs Well Versed and Poetry In Store
Anna lives in Cheltenham. 

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