Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A poem by Emma Lee

Icon in Red

It started as a span of red cross-stitches,
more for the uprights; suspension wires
in backstitch: an icon on an embroidered map.
It drew the eye and came to dominate the view.

It provided a backdrop for internet searches,
lists of places to see, checking local weather,
lists of things to pack, the endless checking,
parsing unsolicited advice for useful tips.

It became real. The absence of the famous fog
offered panoramic views and I admired,
not the feat of engineering, but the desire
to link communities in careful red stitches.

Emma Lee has three poetry collections, "Ghosts in the Desert" (Indigo Dreams, 2015), "Mimicking a Snowdrop" (Thynks Press, 2014) and "Yellow Torchlight and the Blues" (Original Plus, 2004). She blogs at http://emmalee1.wordpress.com and reviews for "The Journal," "London Grip" and "Sabotage Reviews."

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