Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A poem by Rodney Wood

Dave the Bear

When Dave began to perform he was convinced
he would not like it because he'd be seen
as a sex object and would be pawed or worse
(he has a smooth and short haired bottom and back).

But he'd become rich so quickly so that soon
he could have anything at all he wanted
sheep and sex with the bear of his dreams
(cinnamon coloured with a cute little tail).

Now he can travel the world and pay respects
to everyone. All he carries are sunglasses,
toothbrush, disposable Ts and magic powders
(the bare necessities in a surf blue backpack).

Each day he gets richer, travels in luxury, drinks
bubbly, stocks his treasury with condoms, lubricant,
chocolate, water-pistols, love letters, dance steps
(but dreams of retirement with the Florida black bears).

Rodney Wood is retired and lives in Farnborough. Currently leads the Woking Stanza and revising a novel The Poet Assassin. His work has appeared in magazines such as Tears in the Fence, South, The Frogmore Papers, The Lake and Stride.


  1. Had an email from Dave himself who said "The poem is marvelous and scarily accurate!" but I didn't ask which bit was accurate.

    1. I'm delighted it has the approval of Dave! :)