Monday, 26 September 2016

A poem by Ben Banyard

Something in Common

So you meet
open up
and sometimes there’s enough

to make you laugh and sing
look at each other
beyond physical nights
feel that there might be hooks
sliding bloodlessly under flesh
to keep you together
even when you’re lying awake back to back
with a foot of cool air between you

That’s your hot beating heart
the always-fire glowing at home
with a half-life which will continue to react
long after you’ve both slipped into memory

Ben Banyard lives and writes in Portishead, near Bristol. His debut pamphlet, Communing,
was published by Indigo Dreams in February 2016 and his poems have appeared in The
Interpreter’s House, Prole, Popshot, RAUM and Lunar Poetry, amongst others. He blogs at

Ben edits Clear Poetry, an online journal publishing accessible writing by newcomers and old

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