Thursday, 22 June 2017

A poem by Ceinwen Haydon

My Daughter

It’s a strange thing,
I’d die for you
yet I can’t find the words
to tell you what flawed place
I came from.
And you don’t have the patience
to listen to my reasons
for being less than the mother
you wanted back then: less
than the mother I wanted to be,
wanted to be so badly
I thought I’d die of love.

About Ceinwen Haydon

I have lived in the North East of England since 2001. My work is mainly short fiction and poetry. My prose has been published on the 'Fiction on the Web' and 'Literally Stories', 'Stepaway' and in 'Alliterati', Newcastle University’s literature and arts magazine. My poems have been published by 'Fat Damsel', 'Writers Against Prejudice' and 'I am not a Silent Poet'. I am currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. After graduation I hope to facilitate creating writing projects with hard to reach groups and initiate participatory arts projects within my local community.

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