Christmas and New Year Competition


It was an absolute pleasure to read the 124 submissions and the 266 poems! The standard was excellent, and I have also shortlisted 6 poets who will each receive a surprise poetry gift as a thank you for their poems (all of which pushed the winners very close!).

All 29 poems that reached the longlist were thoroughly enjoyable and I can’t state strongly enough how pleased I was with this longlist - in hindsight I could have created a very high-quality Christmas anthology (maybe a thought for next year!)

Without too much more wittering on, the full list of winners and the longlist can be found below (and on the website )

Congratulations to all and thank you to everyone for entering. As always, poetry gives me far more than I can return.

Winners (to be published on Christmas Day)

Conor Cleary - real tree
Julia Webb – Nativity

Winners (to be published on New Year's Day)

Melanie Branton - New Year's Day
Sharon Larkin - Good Things Jar

Shortlisted poets

Jo Burns
Geraldine Clarkson
Iris Anne Lewis
Jill Munro
Anna Saunders
Steve Xerri

Longlisted poets

Ben Banyard
Richard Biddle
Frances Browner
Jane Burn
Geraldine Clarkson
Kymm Coveney
Sarah L. Dixon
Robert Garnham
Hilary Hares
Jonathan Humble
Janet Jenkins
Nina Lewis
Beth McDonough
E. E. Nobbs
Rachel Rankin
Alison Raybould
Fiona Sinclair
Judith Taylor
Julia Webb

Many thanks for your poetry and your support,
Stephen Daniels


  1. You don't mention, unpublished only, but I assume that's the case.

    1. Thanks for the question Rachael. Yes please, unpublished poems only.

  2. How about poems that are titled "after..insert poet here (italics)" ?

    1. That is fine - I don't have any specific exclusions, other than previously published poems.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners and happy Christmas and New year to everyone xx

  4. Lovely comp! Congratulations to all, and looking forward to reading them :)