Nominations for 'Forward Prize for Best Single Poem' 2018

Editing a poetry website is fun (if you like that kind of thing). I love reading the submissions I receive, publishing poetry and then sharing that poetry. I love all the poetry I choose to publish, otherwise I wouldn't publish it!

But sometimes for the purposes of nominating for awards and things, you have to choose your tip-toppest favourites. It's tricky, because they all made an impact - so how to choose... well I went with my instincts. I chose the poems that left something on me, a new way of thinking, a surprise moment that you can't put to the side, a gut-punch line that demands you re-read it.

The three poems I have nominated for the 'Forward Prize for Best Single Poem' are linked to below. Please take a look, let the poets know on social media if you liked them (that's always nice to hear!) - if you didn't like it... probably best to keep that to yourself :)

Stephen Daniels
Editor of Amaryllis

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