Friday, 9 August 2013

A poem by James Harris

Sparks in the Dark

Sparks in the dark: yours, mine
in this vessel swaddled
lovers collide
“once you've got your eye in
there's someone home”
tearfrosted window: a bloom, diffuse, barely aglow
(quickbreathin eyeswide bitelip fistclenched)
-but there
a swimming nexus, singing forth, forming, growing
out from a singularity
the spark has taken; the dark has broken
definite defiant but vague: glorious paradox

not even our pounding hearts combined keep pace 
with this fuzzy little fizzing racing pulse
and our minds combined won't yet fully comprehend

the something from the nothing at the start of it all

James Harris is 29 years old, from Shropshire. Married, father to be. By trade he is a conservator of museum objects, working (from September) for the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. "I am a creative scatterbrain - painter, illustrator, photographer and musician. I was all of those things before I was a writer, but now writing has a hold of me and seems to offer more consistency and greater satisfaction. The guitar is gathering dust but the ink is flowing.

Long may it!"

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