Saturday, 8 March 2014

A poem by Vasantha Surya


Larger than life, the peacock facing me
Out there in the rain, on the palash tree
His claws’ raw power on the supine bough
Shot a bolt through me, on the balcony.

Broader, more muscled than I’d thought it was

And blue — so blue, his handsome chest!
Bejewelled, his whipsnake neck and crest
A-quiver with ire, white-ringed eye spitting fire.

“Arree!” he shrieked, imperiously.

“You in that silly cage of human ribs!
Stupid peahen! Come out quick!”

Vasantha Surya’s work includes  over three hundred articles in major Indian newspapers and  magazines, three volumes of poetry in English (Cre-A, Writers Workshop, and Sandhya Publications), and seven works  of translation from Tamil (comprising a  collection of outstanding short stories as well as six major novels -- East-West Press, Penguin, Macmillan, Zubaan, Sahitya Akademi, New Horizons, and Oxford University Press). Several of her translations of poetry appear in  OUP’s Tamil Dalit Writing.  Her translation of  Cho Dharman’s Tamil novel Koogai is  soon to be brought out by  OUP. Mridu in Madras (in English, brought out by Rupa and in Tamil, by Kalachuvadu) is a novel for children. 

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