Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A poem by Mark Farley

Hugs are more important than potatoes

I made a group 
on Facebook 
called 'Hugs 
                   are more important than potatoes'
And it was long ago

First posts were puns 
on nature
How appealing, said 
   the common tater
No need to waffle on

Then came a wave 
of pictures
a heart-shaped potato 
  a tuber-hugging kitten
    a lonely unhugged spud

After two years of silence
    while potatoes and hugs
   returned to the world 
  in which they wait
 when not needed

Those less-important potatoes
And those more-important 
Received a hefty dose
                                    of spam

I logged on
to attack said spam
 To hunt it down with knife
 and spade
Spam deserves its fate

And it was then I noticed
that Facebook shortens names
According to the group's title:
   Hugs are more important 
   than pot

Should I change 
the group name?
   Should I rearrange 
      the text to make
         a safer shortening?

Or should I just look
 and smile
  and maybe laugh
   or giggle
And move on with my life

Mark Farley is a freelance writer, web developer and occasional moustache-grower. He was raised in Zimbabwe where he survived two dog maulings, a swarm of killer bees, and being run over by a horse. Now he lives with a trio of invisible robotic cats in Swindon, UK. Please find him on Twitter (@mumbletoes) or Facebook (
https://www.facebook.com/mumbletoes) and say hello -- he'd love to hear from you, especially if you enjoyed the poem! You can read more of his work on http://mumbletoes.blogspot.co.uk/

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