Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A poem by Karen Dennison


This chart isn't mine,
planets in their houses
aligned. Its Rising Sign

assumes a gypsy mask
more like the face it hides.
It must have passed through

the multiverse
where every choice
spawns a new self.

This horoscope has travelled
alien constellations, fallen
down a wormhole to cross

the border to another life.
It belongs to the one who stayed
with you, who still believes

in tarot, magic, love.

A poet and artist, Karen Dennison's poems have been published in magazines such as The Interpreter's House and South Bank Poetry and in several anthologies including From the City to the Saltings (Essex Poetry Festival Anthology 2013). Karen's collection Counting Rain was published by Indigo Dreams in 2011. She is editor, designer and publisher of the pamphlets Book of Sand and Blueshift and her digital images/photos appear on the cover and inside Abegail Morley's pamphlet The Memory of Water (Indigo Dreams, 2015).

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