Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A poem by Joe Hess

Rough Passage

Returning from the airport, I realized
I’d vocalized a vision of brown-eyed babies

too soon. It was our last conversation.
While the brownstones and pumpkins passed

back in Brooklyn, the cabbie turned the dial
to find a song that wasn’t Tracy Chapman’s,

“We Got a Fast Car.” I cut my wrist smashing
a bar mirror where someone wrote:

The richest are those who need the least.
During that fall of ‘89, I could feel love

dismantling while Berlin was on the brink
of unification. I remembered how you

taught me, I am hungry, in German, and I’d
jokingly respond, Ich bin hunger.

About Joe Hess
I received an MA in Poetry from Miami University in 2012 and an MFA
from Ashland University in 2015. I published two poems in the anthology
Off Channel, comprised of the 2009 finalists from the Mississippi Valley
Poetry Contest, and recently had a poem accepted by Marathon Literary
Review. I live in Columbus, Ohio.

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