Monday, 18 April 2016

A poem by Ag Synclair

Taking Stock

these notes remind me of hands
of rivers that became mountains

of mountains that became birds
these notes remind me of every orange night

fractured by hard love
and the ticking hands of a thousand clocks

these notes remind me of nothing
of every blue word that fell from crooked fingers

and followed the fence line back home
these notes remind me of pretty bones

that once we were both alive
that there must be a quicker way to die
than this

I received very sad news that Ag Synclair, passed away on April 1st after a brief but brutal battle with cancer. His partner Heather was kind enough to inform me of this and share a link to his gofundme page for his memorial

Please give anything you may have to help.

Below is the bio he submitted.

Ag Synclair publishes The Montucky Review and edits poetry for The Bookends Review. A Pushcart Prize nominee, he is widely published around the globe, yet flies under the radar. Deftly.

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