Monday, 11 April 2016

A poem by Paul Point

The Saying Of It

When I want to say it, the
moment implodes like a
thin cloud of chalk, webs
when I want to say it, the
mood refuses to strike like
a sterile match stick, limp
when I want to say it, the
blanks shrink with traces of
already said lines, dead
when I want to say it, we
go unsaid, cup empty of
the words it thirsts for, dry
when I want to say it, these
tempers fly with flints and
moods thrash high, flames
when I want to say it, you
wane with day, a late taxi
receding with traffic, gone 
when I want to say it, I
learn from the saying of it
for my benefit, mine. Alone
the words of gratitude are
sown, letting go, it's almost
as though you heard me.

Paul is a writer, reader and chocolate eater; the host and founder of The Chocolate Poetry Club. His work has been published in I am not a silent poet, Curly Mind and Angry Manifesto Magazine (forthcoming). He is a workshop facilitator, member of The Circle of Freeway Poets, hosts shows in Dorset, London and Peterborough. Insightful yet fierce, passionate yet measured with intimate and accessible stories; listed in Poetry Rivals 2015 top 100 UK poets.

Paul has an assured, clear and engaging voice. One to watch! - Vanessa Kisuule.

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  1. I really like this poem ,I like its timing, its repetion and its punch , the unsaid gets louder.