Monday, 6 June 2016

A poem by Clive Oseman


After endless careful wrapping
the glare of suspicion returns,
paper peeling from a parcel
full of fragile fallacies fed with hope
polished with wishes of perfect days
framed to fool in many ways.
Fluoxetine fantasies, Prozac power
masking dark extremes
until the arrival of the hour
which sees illusions seized.

The stigma never truly leaves.
Progress marches on
then trips on the tiniest of triggers,
falls to its knees amid a cacophony
of sniggers and sneers,
mockingly making it clear
how even if you had the means
you'd never get the credit.
That's how life has always been...
with insecurities evergreen.

Clive Oseman is a Swindon based Brummie page and performance poet. Widely published worldwide in Japanese short forms, he now prefers mainstream poetry and has been published in print and online by Ink Sweat And Tears, Angry Manifesto, Decanto, I am not a Silent Poet and others. A poetry Rivals Finalist in 2014/15, he was long listed for the final at the Royal Albert Hall this year. He is on Twitter @Clive_Oseman

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