Thursday, 30 June 2016

A poem by Jim Fletcher


I want to say “yes”
Like all of us
I don’t know how

I want to shout “welcome”
Nobody will hear me
How can I be heard?

I want them to understand
That we’re human
And our arms are open

I want us to help
Without constraints
Beyond politics
My name is Yanni
Today I said no
It breaks my heart

My name is Giovanni
Today I said no
I feel ashamed

My name is Janos
Today I said no
We can’t take you

My name is Yahya
I wait for help
I’m lost
Kos, Lesbos, Lampedusa
France, Hungary, Serbia
We are everywhere and nowhere

We are homeless
Yesterday they threw bread
Today water cannons
Tomorrow bullets?
In a world of lost humanity
We ask you, look at what
You should have said and done
Now passed, lost and gone
Have you tried hard enough?


I like to write
Poetry I hope is meaningful
Sometimes I get it right
Other times it’s just - - not

From a Boltonian exiled in Wiltshire and a proud friend of Poetry Swindon.

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