Thursday, 23 June 2016

A poem by Rachel Nix


Intrusive at times,
the sun watches

& implies
I should be wearing

less when wrapped
in your hold.

Abiding by this notion:
I abandon most

of my clothing
allowing my skin

to soak all of you in.
Shoulder-top freckles

give aim to your
affection; humidity:

heavy & sweet, kisses.
Down South, some things

do progress quickly.

Rachel Nix is a native of Northwest Alabama, where pine trees outnumber people and she likes it. She stays busy as Poetry Editor at cahoodaloodaling, Associate Editor at Pankhearst, and coffee-maker at her paying gig. Her work has recently appeared at concîs, Rust + Moth, and Bop Dead City. She can usually be found in some sort of shenanigans on Twitter as @rachelnix_poet

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