Monday, 4 July 2016

A poem by Richard Biddle

4.30 am

“The more you look at anger in this manner, the more it evaporates under your gaze, like white frost under the sun’s rays.” Matthieu Ricard

Staggering into the cold jolt of an early start, I stop to
stare at the guiltless stars.

Gasp at the sudden shock of white.
Overnight, a universe of frozen cries
has settled on the earth to die.

Offering a prayer to an upturned table and seeking
forgiveness from a smashed-in door.

The crystallising spirit has passed by.
Objects have become their own icy
phantasms. The moon, welded to the sky.

My hands shake like they crave love and not, as usually
happens, another drink.

Listen, even the birds are stilled by
this change. Nothing sings, flies.
Everything glistens with bleached light.

Before leaving, I pause to watch my breath cloud the air.

Gradually this sugar-coated design
begins to melt; coloured outlines
once more return to sight.

Richard Biddle won the @BigBlakeProject Poetry Prize for his poem 'Transparency'. His work is published online, and has appeared in; Urthona, Brittle Star Magazine & Dream Catcher and in the anthologies 'Transformations' and 'The Nine Realms'. As @littledeaths68 he regular contributes to the experimental writing projects @chimeragroup0 and @echovirus12.

His long illustrated poem for children ‘Horizon’ a collaboration with the artist @Vivianolala is due to be published this year by @BirdsNestBooks.

He lives in Chichester UK with his partner and two sons and is a member of Chichester Stanza.

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