Thursday, 7 July 2016

A poem by Susan Evans

After the Honeymoon:

When you no longer hold her gaze
When you no longer consume her thoughts
When you struggle for air-time across the waves
When she no longer accepts your faults
When conversation is misconstrued
When there’s no freedom of expression
When all we do is shop for food
When deeper subjects lead to regression
When you’ve come to rely on her thoughts
When you’ve looked to her for how you look
When you’re having a crisis of sorts
When she’s glued to her program or book
When she openly admires the qualities in other men
When you hear yourself fish for a compliment
When you’re in need of a bit of recognition
When you used to be outgoing and confident
Yeah that.

(First published in Prole, Issue 14, 2014)

Susan Evans is a Brighton-based Performance poet and facilitator; originally from north east London. Susan was recently Shortlisted `Best Spoken Word Performer' in the Saboteur Awards, 2016: `celebrating the best of the indie literature scene’. A stage and page poet, Susan is widely published in anthologies, indie magazines and journals; in print and online, as well as a regular feature on the alternative poetry & cabaret circuits:

"Unlike so much `performance’ Susan's is full of content. A rich brew” Sam Smith, The Journal.

Find her here:

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