Thursday, 29 September 2016

A poem by Sam Loveless

After the Swings

Leaving the seat,
                          You left an impression,
                          however brief.

Try to remember
                          trying to forget.

The chemicals 
                          cleanse your mind,
                          not your history.

You can be accepted. 
                          Choose your apologies
or                       change your future.

                          Swinging happy.
                          Swinging melancholy.

Not forgetting
                          how high we swung.
                          Where you landed.

Sam Loveless is a Swindon-based poet and railway worker. He began writing poetry at Swansea University and now comperes the open mic night for Poetry Swindon. He also produces ‘Rhythm & Rhyme’ a radio show on Swindon 105.5 dedicated to literature and related arts.

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