Thursday, 8 December 2016

A poem by Pippa Little

My Other Body 

might be wildly unafraid of oceans
and how it feels to be rubbed in lard, with strong lungs
and hot sting of piss against icy thighs

might be a stunt double famous for soaring dives
or mother of dozens, climbing a mountain of babes;
maybe an inmate, pacing my six by eight cage,

nearly humanoid but for a fuzzy orange hide:
somewhere, my other body has pleasured a hundred lovers
bloomed like the queen of the night
and goes with me always, on the insides of my eyes

Pippa Little is Scots and now lives in Northumberland. She is a Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Newcastle University. Her latest collection, Twist, is forthcoming from Arc and a pamphlet of Mexican poems, Our Lady of Iguanas, published by Black Light Engine Room Press, came out this spring.

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  1. Sweet Amaryllis; you've done it again! Adore this poem. Thank you, Pippa Little.