Monday, 6 March 2017

A poem by Bobby Steve Baker

Relativity or Einstein’s Psyche

two space ships in total darkness
                         travel at the speed of light in opposite directions

as they pass each other, a person in one shines a light from the floor
to a mirror on the ceiling and times the transit floor-ceiling-floor

an observer in the other sees the light make an A shape due to the passing
speed being 2xSL he measures the time it takes the light to make this shape

since the light makes an A for one observer and an I for the other
                      there must be a difference in the distance travelled

here is the equation; it isn’t complicated
                    Distance = Speed of Light x Time

given that the speed of light is fixed and the distance changes
                         time itself must be a variable

you are incredulous you say that can’t be right and I am sympathetic
but in fact it can’t be not right quantum physics demands it and

knowing this I realize that time will not hold me to this anger. I can let
it lapse
into whatever we mean when we say the past and nothing bad will happen

this tells me that everything is a variable love anger lust compassion
                                 when time speeds up and things are said
without thought

later we can slow time down to a thoughtful embrace
                                a delicate moment beneath the moon

shining heavenward at the speed of light, forever

Bobby Steve Baker grew-up on an Indian Reservation on the Canadian side of Lake Huron and still craves the Big Water. He now lives in Lexington Kentucky with his wife, several male offspring, who come and go, and a very large Airedale. He has published most recently in, The Tule Review, Town Creek Poetry, Kentucky Review, Cold Mountain Review and Prick of the Spindle. His latest book of poetry and art is “This Crazy Urge to Live” by Linnet’s Wings Press.

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