Monday, 20 March 2017

A poem by Sal Consoli

If we could Talk like Bumblebees

Glosa inspired by rupi kaur

You whisper
i love you
what you mean is
i don’t want you to leave
                                       rupi kaur (from milk and honey)

It is no offence to brew tea in a mug
you think flavour flourishes in a pot
I think your words could wear nicer clothes
If only you allowed more breath
into your mouth before speaking    then
you whisper:

It’s just another one of our differences
like when I drink black coffee
and you take it diluted with milk
from cows that deserve more respect
from vegetarians, then you say:
i love you

the only three words you can handle
with lightness like a child playing
with a fly in the garden words that float
escaping the grasp of your tongue
they could set two eyes on fire I know
what you mean is

that life has brought you here from there
pulling you away from fatherly arms
you’ve longed for like a bumblebee a geranium
but you couldn’t handle such delicacy
your words would drop like an avalanche still
I don’t want you to leave.

Sal is a teacher by profession. However, he developed a passion for poetry after discovering Byron. He has performed his poetry at festivals and arts events around the UK and Ireland. He has been an active member of the award-winning group Highgate Poets London who are currently working on their 27th anthology. He has also worked with the UK Poetry Society stanza group in Bristol, and is now actively engaged with the Brum stanza group at the Waterstones in Birmingham.

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