Thursday, 1 June 2017

2 poems by Bethany Rivers

silence of anger

forks a tongue to sear
a new east and west
I pulled the duvet of silence

down over my ears
cotton wool of unmentionables
stuffs my mouth up

depths of blackness grows
like dead moss
my voice falls through

rotten floor boards
spittling the spider’s home
where the sun forgot to

shine – my wounded bird trapped
in a shrouded cage
though you can’t hear her

she’s still there
at night my teeth
grind my gums into gulps of glue

in the bottom drawer
of my desk I keep jagged
envelopes covered

with lipstick bites rescued
from the door mat – love notes
from a previous self – paper cuts

a breaking point where your pain
admits nothing outside of itself
my truth is a sky stretched to snap

(First published by 'Obsessed with Pipework' January 2016)

Bethany Rivers’ debut pamphlet, ‘Off the wall’, came out with Indigo Dreams Publishing, in July. She has been widely published by: Envoi, Cinnamon Press, Sarasvati, Three Drops from a Cauldron, Clear Poetry, Obsessed with Pipework. The Ofi Press, The Lampeter Review, Bare Fiction, Blithe Spirit and many others. Bethany mentors writers through writing their novels, short stories and memoir. She has taught creative writing for ten years and runs poetry healing and inspiration days:


First published on 3rd November 2016


Laughter flings itself on the walls
of a derelict Spanish village.

He stops on the steps
between two tumbling cottages,

sperm leaking down my leg.

He turns his palm to the sun blenched wall
and listens, as if with a stethoscope

to the baby in my womb
two years from now –

before we know it dies.

I want to be his hand against the wall
skin against stone, warmth of ages

the generational laughter
trapped in horse hair crevices.

I watch the caress of the wall –
those fingers that slid inside

and made me cry out not an hour ago.
I listen to my stiletto heels echo

as I climb up the sandstone steps
to where he is, I catch his glance

lilting between sun and shade
and I forgive him, everything.

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  1. Betheny Enjoyed reading this, the changes in time and relantionship depicted in shuch sparse and revealing lines. Great poem.