Friday, 14 July 2017

A poem by Aden Thomas

The Woman in Accounts Payable

The woman in Accounts Payable
gets cancer of the stomach.
She shows up at the office
one afternoon,
hugs those near her cubicle.
She tells them it feels                                                                                                                                                                        like an anchor, like walking
with an anchor.

Then she’s gone three weeks
for chemotherapy.
We all sign a card
for her to get well
but we all know

They ask a month later
for us to donate
some vacation days
to help her keep
her sick
So we do.

Six months passes.
We work our office hours,
days swimming into
nights swimming
into mornings
drowning in dark lakes
of meetings.
We live to drown.

Then one morning another woman,
a younger woman,
sits in the empty cubicle
in Accounts Payable.
They introduce you
to her but you forget
her name.  

She seems like
another team player
who works with integrity and pride,
with sufficient ambition
and just the right amount of drive
to swim awhile
or keep from sinking
until another swimmer
comes along.

Aden Thomas grew up on the high plains of Wyoming. His work has been featured in numerous literary journals. His first book of poetry, What Those Light Years Carry, was published by Kelsay books in 2017. More of his work can be found at:

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