Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A poem by Anna De Vaul


On the flight to Shanghai I learned
to say thank you, sorry, hello.
We touched down early and I sat
waiting until the aisles were empty,
grabbed my ukulele and stepped out
into the airport. I thought I’d see the city
but instead I saw the insides of my bags
spilled out over a conveyer belt, hands
sifting through, asking me about
the Star Wars bandaids and six books
of poems. Why did I need them?
I couldn’t say; I watched the pages flipped,
took the books back with two hands
like a blessing at last: sorry, thank you, hello.

Anna writes both prose and poetry. Some of her recent work can be found in The Fenland Reed, Under the Radar, The Literateur, and The New European. She is also an editor of the literary journal Lighthouse.

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