Thursday, 6 July 2017

A poem by Gram Joel Davies

Westcountry Backwater

and the untruth of the suddengone
is pictured by homefolk
with boldface headline mouths;
in flashclips of settlements, wetlying.

It was all sawcoming.

as I foretold
an earthsink oncoming

when she cast me from kidhome
into a longschooling;
it was the dread-end arc
of her mother flounder

and I was thirteen aging.

Her lastgiven lesson
was to wordpour straight sentences
unlined; that, and the hyphen-
trick of wrapping runoff

I have now a blindmaid
for ink on rugfloor practice,
bedroom rain watching;
for her parentword, rising.

But its foreshadow still becomes.

Three decades done;
in some former thousand,
my teacher taught worldstop
science; ozone lens fear;
a hero's caring.

Had me flood mapbottom
contours in blue pencil,
prophesying archipelagos
of leftying country crumbs.

And sure, as level home
under wave happens,
forebelieving is forgotten.
The looksee
hearsay warning lost
like the backnowing

of a child underswept.

(Westcountry Backwater was originally published in Gram's debut collection 'Bolt Down This Earth', published by V. Press)

Gram Joel Davies lives in the South West of England. He has been published widely in UK and international journals, including Magma, Envoi, Lighthouse, Under the Radar and The Interpreter’s House.

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