Monday, 21 August 2017

A poem by David Hanlon

TV in the background

He tries to speak up—
but he is TV in the background,
channel switched constantly
by inattentive children,
looking hard
for nothing,
but still they tap thumbs:
click, rapid, rickety,
with bubble-gum enthusiasm.

They clutch the remote control tightly,
much tighter than they notice,
tighter than anyone notices.

What’s on the screen doesn’t matter—

tearjerker, comedy, game show, reality;

any one is worthy of back-up atmosphere,
momentary focus to fill a silence
or two. Then switch.

Switch. Switch. Switch. Static.

David Hanlon is from Cardiff in Wales. He has a degree in Film studies and is currently embarking on a course to further his studies in training to become a Counsellor. He believes his experience of reflective journal writing for his Counselling course has influenced his recent poetic endeavour in which his writing incorporates the personal and emotional. He also writes humorous poems and flash fiction and over the past year has begun to perform his work at local open mic nights. He is passionate about modes of personal expression and also enjoys the intricate rhyming involved in wordplay.

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