Monday, 7 August 2017

A poem by Tanya Simone Simpson

Things We Don't Talk About

cracking with cold
you, broken and beautiful
i remember the nights when i read you out loud

you, firing memories as missiles
dripping with honesty
these questions will never be still

you, lying awake in my arms
flickering eyelashes slicing my chest
your secrets, my sevens, our laundry and losses

blood-let and branded
you, chasing absolution at 4am
and me, drowning in my wishing well

Tanya Simone Simpson is a writer and photographer living in Edinburgh with a tall man, a small cat and an albino axolotl with a double-barrel surname. Fuelled by coffee and an obsessive nature, Tanya has been writing poetry, fiction and autobiographical over-share since forever. More words and pictures can be found at

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