Thursday, 2 November 2017

3 poems by Gareth Writer-Davies


go on
and on eating, anything

loaves of bread, baskets of fish, the washing upon the line

there is much in nature
and wonderful

but by God, the goat's hunger

as if
punished for theological blunder
the goat
must eat and eat, the long buffet of salvation (un-tiring)

his cloven-hoof (MORE, MORE, MORE)

Gareth Writer-Davies; Commended in the Prole Laureate Competition, the Welsh Poetry Competition and Commended in the Sherborne Open Poetry Competition (2015)

Shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and the Erbacce Prize (2014)

His pamphlet "Bodies", was published in 2015 by Indigo Dreams and his next pamphlet "Cry Baby" will come out in 2017.

He is the Prole Laureate for 2017. 

First published 22/09/16

It Was a Big Decision to Paint the Cupboards

I like white
but imagine what it would be like, to paint the cupboards yellow.

It would have to be a subtle shade (not daffodil or lemon)
something, Austro-Hungarian perhaps, as you see in Vienna or Budapest.

This will be a departure, catholic even, for my room is modest
and having taken the walls back, to lath and plaster, colour (seems) unnecessary.

Maybe a tone (like the sun on a snowy day) could be painted on the cupboards.
A yellow which goes with white.


This poem was first published on Amaryllis 24/11/2015


the tafarn is cosy
warm-ish to
the English who pass through

hogiau bitch
the ffwclyd
shit Seisnig

but Iolo is friendly
and happy
to chinwag with anyone

a pint of Red Dragon
in his hand
the overt vowels of Welsh

playing upon his lips
the bi-fold
brand of economics

the reason he is sat
here watching
the English beat themselves

but that is how it is
the two tongues
in the one thirsty throat

the twofold
of the mouth

the grating chord of one
country hard
up against another                                     

Previously published in The Journal #46

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