Thursday, 14 December 2017

A poem by Bethan Rees

In Response to Everything

One by one by hundreds,
they started to pour out of the
and chew on our faces
to show us how ugly
we really are.
They burrowed under the top layer
of skin and
caterpillar crawled through
capillaries around our
systems. Our systematic
reactions now
controlled by the pests.

We tried to hot glue gun
the cracks in the wood,
catching some in the
burning lava as it poured into
the breaks, but it was
too late.
They had woven themselves
in DNA strands
and bitten chips
out of our nerves
and replaced the
disjointed semi-circular bite marks
with themselves.
They controlled our limbs and made
us stand in front of reflective
windows, mirrors and smooth waters.

And as we yelled
No! We don’t want to see
the ugly,
they replied within the
visceral pops of blood
and string dangling from their
burrowed selves,
by puppeteering bones to
crack forward
and point at ourselves.

Bethan is a dark and disturbing little creature that squats somewhere in Swindon, with her super supportive partner and rubbish dog Mitzie. She is originally from Neath, South Wales. She typically takes all the wonder and joy from her own life experiences and frequently hacks it to death in poetry. She has recently emerged to attempt to be published and has gained some successes, and hopes this will continue in the coming months. She likes horrifyingly dark humour, and making people happy, which probably explains her MSc studies in Creative Writing for Therapeutic purposes. But then again, maybe it doesn’t.

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