Monday, 8 January 2018

A poem by Chris Hemingway

The Wrong Unicorn

On the night of her ninth birthday
my daughter tells me
that the reindeer is just another flightless mammal,
that my handwriting is not that of a fairy
(tooth or otherwise),
and once this logic is applied,
the Easter Bunny sheds plausibility
quicker than his winter coat.

She's happy to have worked this out
but I wonder is she sad as well ?
Does growing older have to mean
fewer things to believe in ?

I tell her myths survive longer
than most truths
and there's no such thing
as the wrong unicorn.

Chris Hemingway is a writer and musician from Cheltenham. He has self-published two collections (“Cigarettes and Daffodils” and “The Future”), and has a new pamphlet “Party in the Diaryhouse” out in Spring 2018, to be published by Picaroon. He is part of the organisation team for Cheltenham Poetry Festival, and co-runs the “Squiffy Gnu” poetry prompt blog and Facebook Group

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