Monday, 15 January 2018

A poem by Sascha Aurora Akhtar


There are similarities, there are blue ladies

On the street at night

Is there a chance to be worried or is it all hazard
The same ink-stains on the same two fingers, a leaky
Pen – babbling incessantly at a camera- Canary Wharf-

Not as holistic as it may sound.

It is simple Father, yet gormless spirit
I use the word moon over & over
My thoughts are too many
I confess to bankers that I am ridiculous

My new favourite word.

I discover things everyday
& cling to them like focus is a mandala
Yesterday I decided ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’

Was important.

Today I went to Canary Wharf, Earl’s Court & Camden Town
The Stables Market was deserted & loaded with story

I keep blue ladies on my desk

All the time, every day there are things that torment
Myself with words & nowhere to put them

Except into my mandala is focus

& words create, my left eye has been twitching
For four days, maybe five,
this has never happened
before. I think of things

All the time.

There are orchids growing
in the rose garden.

There are blue ladies

singing me
 a blue sleep.

Sascha Aurora Akhtar, is a trans-race, multi-dimensional, sub rosa poeto/story-bot. She was patented in Pakistan. Had upgrades in pre- 9/11 U.S.A. Was released onto shelves in the U.K. Her roboto-poetics have been widely anthologised and translated into Armenian, Portuguese, Galician, Russian, Dutch and Polish. Anthologies include Cathecism: Poems for Pussy Riot (2012) and Out of Everywhere (Reality Street, 2015). She has also been part of poetry protests – Against Rape (Peony Moon, 2014), Solidarity Park Poetry – Poems for the Turkish resistance (Ed. 2013). Her most recent poetry collection is 199 Japanese Names for Japanese Trees (Shearsman UK, 2016). Her story The Nature of Wounds appeared in STORGY in 2017. Women:Poetry:Migration, an anthology (Theenk Books: Edited by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa) is upcoming in 2018 with poems from A Year In Clouds.

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