Monday, 21 May 2018

A poem by Jeremy Decker


Where does all the going go —
and does it ever went?
I’ve heard the gray men whisper snow —
and seen the red invent

new weather for the coming time —
in blue — in green — in yellow —
construct the dappled paradigm —
four walls where go can go.

And round the square the going goes —
to sniff at every corner —
til gray men hang her with a rose —
til red men try to mourn her —

“Where has all the going gone?”
That’s all I hear and see —
But dead men know what’s done is done —
The red — the gray — and me.

Jeremy Decker is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet from Mountain View, CA. His poetry has appeared in Old Red Kimono, The Road Not Taken, Stepping Stones Literary Magazine, and others.

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