Monday, 16 July 2018

A poem by Nick Compton

Portrait: Paige in San Francisco

Take bronze and let it bleed complete. Flood the pupil with hues of copper and marigold to ignite the suns of her eyes. A silver shadow running just below the ball. We had been awake for hours; turtle-shelled with rucksacks and sweet American heat; our adventure doubling to a tour of the cheapest drive-ins and dives; the real American dream. I sip iced tea and drown somewhere between the rose of her lips and sleep-requesting smile. A vein pulses blue from her elbow, maps the interchange of routes from avenue to avenue. I dot-to-dot her freckles.

Nick Compton is a writer, traveller and poet. He has been published across 3 continents including Canada and Hong Kong, with Alex Culotta PHD describing his style as ‘bold yet unassuming, a refreshing voice in a handful of powerful stanzas.’ In addition to writing for the Huffington Post, he teaches poetry in workshops and lectures and is a member of the Rhyme and Reason Poetry Collective. A musketeer at heart, you can normally spot him with a trusty cup of tea by his side

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