Monday, 24 September 2018

A poem by Mike Ferguson

When Searching

An attempt to find something is a pursuit or a hunt but discovery will be differentiated. Turning an eye to the sound of a plane is a deception. Looking under rocks and other allusions. After an inappropriate amount of time he will find something suitable to wear at that wedding. There are directions and there is being directed. A horizon is a romantic vista for searching. It is even a quest though this has all the makings of a pretence. To iterate it is to make a kenning of action but never the intent. Find things, find love, find happiness, find peace. They are all in the wardrobe. Keep advancing the pages. To be reliant on the acquisition is to close all of the doors.

Mike Ferguson is widely published in print and online. A retired English teacher, he taught experimental writing to his students for 30 years.

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