Thursday, 4 October 2018

A poem by Kathy Gee

Untidy mind

I have seen the frozen wind
and magpies skating on thin ice
and found my rubber boots are leaking
and I’ve nothing left to say.

I’ve seen the stain of lichen, ash buds pointing
to a navy sky like roman numerals towards tomorrow
when there’s something in my diary, maybe with a bit of tea.

And maybe my foot will stop tapping
and my toes will stop hurting
and the dog will get down off the sofa
and stop barking at strangers.

Perhaps my picture frames will level and my basalt fish
will swim to the floods where Charolais cattle usually graze,
where the shrews and worms must have drowned.

I could get deep but that’s pretentious
and I’ve really nothing left to say
and I should finish clearing my office
and I should sweep the kitchen floor.

Kathy Gee’s career is in heritage and in leadership coaching. Widely published online and on paper, her poetry collection was published by V. Press and she wrote the spoken word elements for a contemporary choral piece -

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