Monday, 22 October 2018

A poem by Lu Lin & Dawid Juraszek


it gets dark too early
earlier than i expected
than i'm comfortable with

it rains
it's supposed to
still too much

maybe that's good
i can say i don't want to go out
i want to stay in and learn
i believe it

but also it's better this way
it's safer this way
for me
for them too
as they shout and scowl

i want to believe
no child is left behind
like i was told
not as long ago as it seems

the world described to me
i want to know more about it
i want to help build it

even if it gets dark too early
if it rains too much
i want to learn 

Lu Lin is Chinese, Dawid Juraszek is Polish. She lives in Norwich in the East of England and he in Guangzhou, southern China. In their lives, travels, and writing they try to grapple with the lived experience of being an outsider. Their work has appeared in various outlets in Poland, China, Japan, USA, and UK.

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