Monday, 31 December 2018

A Poem by Jack Warren


When the river burst its banks
swallowed the cycling path,
and bloomed like a grey peony
into the dual-carriageway,
it raised his expectations of what
the elemental could accomplish.
He saw hawthorn hedges submerged;
the masonry of bridges falling
away like wet pastry and a navy
Honda-civic with it's interior
bloated from the flood. He began
to imagine a deluge. Water filling
the pubs and churches, pouring
into the stadiums and schools,
roads becoming tributaries, cities
becoming lakes and the whole
of his life straining and creaking
with the terrifying weight of it.
How wonderful to be so close
to drowning he thought, trusting
instead in buoyancy; reaching out
into the depths and choosing
simply to hold ones breath. 

Jack Warren is a British poet and long distance walker from Somerset. His work has appeared in Corrugated Wave, The Anomaly Literary Journal and he was recently selected as one of the 'Fifty Best New British and Irish Poets 2018' by Eyewear Publishing. In 2015 he completed a 224 mile hike following the River Severn from sea to source and in 2017 he completed sections of the 1056 mile Via Francigena Pilgrim route from Rome to London. He currently lives in Moscow.

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