Thursday, 6 December 2018

A poem by Jasmine Blackney


Grant me a grade
of blue light in the dark;
A torch that will lead
the leeches out and into
that black hole lake.

If you must, sell me the
Diamonds, fake and bright,
the white nothings,
the ideas, and leave
my hands empty of hers.

Tell me to choose,
Turtles or doves,
Sundays or silk ties.
Tell me to find
the exit –

I am blind in this maze.

Ask me for answers,
while I hunt for the questions.
Clouds behind eyes
Stars blinking
Heart wide.

Suit me up
In black
Sit me in a cube
A moving window
Pulsing, clicking.

Show me the meaning
Of a life
In the concrete.
I would rather
A lantern made of moons. 

Jasmine Blackney studied a Creative Arts Degree with Honours and is currently taking time to travel, read, blog, write poetry and finish her second novel. She has never been published before.


  1. Jasmine, this is beautiful. My first published poem was also with Amaryllis. This bodes well.

  2. A moving and seductive poem—really pulled me in, I’d love to read more from this artist’